Monday, February 28, 2011

Lady_Anns' Doraemon House

Lol.. I try  to make it as similar as possible. Enjoy the house everyone :D


Upper level

Main level

Living room

Kitchen and Dining room



Ep needed:

CC used:
Wonderland roof by Kata
Ohio bed by Stylistsims (It's a donation stuff. You may choose either to download it or not to)


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lady_Anns' Haunted House

Only if you dare!!


Living room

Dining room

Vamp. Beds


Torture chamber

Black swan area

Upper level

Main level

Ep needed:

CC used:
The broken mansion set III by SR's Deep Thoughts
Asylum clutter by Club Crimsyn
Torture chamber by Garden of shadow
Windows by Ritsukacom
Outdoor set #2 by The 13th Sim
Backhome wallpaper by Repulsively Desirous Creations
Set cripta vistalegre by Luna Sims Lulamai
Tombstone by Lfgomar
Magic mirror painting by Keilorr


Friday, February 25, 2011

Lady_Anns' Party House

Built in 60x60 lot. This house is BIG!! It has complete facilities. So what are you waiting for! Go get this house and spoil your sims!!


Ep/ Sp needed:

CC used:
Windows by denizzo_ist


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Angels & Demons

Here's another creation of mine.. TWINS!! There are four of them and they all teenagers. Their names have special meanings. Charmeine: Angel of harmony; Manakel: Angel of the oceans; Jezebeth: Demon of falsehoods and lies; Samael: Demon of death. It would be great to play them. You might want to make them couples or enemy instead. It's all up to you.. Enjoy!!!

Ep needed:

CC used:
Charmeine White: 
*Hair by Lotus (Newsea's version here)
*Skin by M. Calero (mandarin)
*Eyebrow by Jessica
*Face highlighter by Tifa
*Default replacement eyes by Shyne

Manakel White:
*Hair by Raonjena (mhair 19)
*Skin by M. Calero (mandarin)
*Default Replacement eyes by : Shyne

Samael Black:
*Skin by 234 Jiao
*Eyes by Shyne

Jezebeth Black:
*Hair by Lotus (Peggy's version here)
*Skin by 234 Jiao
*Default replacement by Shyne
* Chin width slider by bella3lek4


Monday, February 21, 2011

Cubecake House (No CC)

Alright this time u are free to decorate the interior urself. Make it as sweet as possible.
It's a NO CC House everyone! So GRAB IT FAST!!! Cubecake is in the house!!

30 x 20

Upper Level

Main Level

Ep/ Sp needed:


LadyAnns' Better Future Apartment

My first apartment lol.. What's interesting is the facility. Especially the bar in the basement. I just love it. Another life of luxury :)

Ep/ Sp needed:

CC used:
Window by DNZ style
Column 1 by eryt96 
Column 2 by eryt96 


Thursday, February 17, 2011

David Gonzales

Hey guys.. I just finish making another sims for yall to download. His name is David. A cute, funny, and attractive guy. So if your girl sims need someone to hang out with, David is just the right guy for her. Download him. And you'll have so much fun with this sims :)

Ep used:

CC used:
Hair by Tum Tum Simolio
Skin by M. calero (strawberry)
Eye contacts by escand
Everyday outfit necklace by Lemon Leaf
Everyday outfit Bracelet by Tum Tum Simolio

Slider used:
Eye width, eye stretch, shoulder height by bella3lek4
Shoulder width, waist, leg width by jonha


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Edith Smirnov

Watch out everyone! It's Edith Smirnov. This gorgeous sims loves to act!! She's gonna be the next big thing in town.

Ep needed:

CC used:
Skin by M. Calero (strawberry)
Hair by Savio (Rose 103)
Everyday outfit by miraminkova
Eye contacts by escand

Slider used:
Eye width and eye stretch by bella3lek4
Shoulder width by jonha


Monday, February 14, 2011

Catherine Lewis

I made this sims long time ago. I think this sims is cute and I'd love to share it. Have fun with this sims guys!!

CC used:
Hair by Lotus (Newsea Musical). Newsea version is here.
Skin by Peggy
Eye Contacts by Rosesims2
Blush by Lady Frontbum (Cheeky V2)

Ep/Sp needed: