Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hell Grim

Ep needed:
World Adventure, Late Night

Cc needed:
Hair by Shyne (you need to register)
Skin by Lemon Leaf (non default)
Eyebrows by Shyne
Eyebags by Kitty Klan
Eye contacts by Tifa
Piercing (ears) by Necrodog (necrodog-ear-ladder-piercing)
Piercing (nose) by IN3S
Bracelet by Tum Tum Simolio
Tattoo by Slipslop
Everyday top by Darko
Everyday bottom by Darko
Everyday shoes by MYOS (go to Sims 3 - Shoes - then look at the bottom left)
Formal top by Darko
Formal bottom by Jasumi
Nail polish by Aikea Guinea (you need to register)

Custom sliders needed:
Tum Tum Simolio


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