Friday, March 11, 2011

Yosuke Hanamura & Yukiko Amagi

Another request from my dear friend. Since it is an anime character, it's a bit difficult for me to translate it into sims form. I couldn't find the hair accessory for Yukiko. But I think the hair is fine. So, here they are. Enjoy :)

Ep needed:

CC used:
*Hair by Man V
*Skin by Jiao234
*Headset by Alex but link is broken. Here's another similar headset by Sims 3 Modeli
*Eye contacts by Steady access

*Hair by Savio
*Skin by Jiao234
*Everyday top by All about style (Military Jacket)
*Eye contacts by Steady access
*Face highlighter by Tifa

Slider used:
By Jonha and Bella3lek4

*Yosuke Hanamura:
*Yukiko Amagi:

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