Sunday, March 6, 2011

Emilie de Rochefort

This is my own version of Emilie. A friend of mine requested it. And so I made it for him and for all of you. Enjoy :)

Ep needed:

CC used:
Hair by Savio
Skin by Jiao234
Eye shadow by Emmzx
Everyday top by All About Style (Tube top with bow)
Formal outfit by Liana Sims 3
Boots by All About Style  (Scrunchy boots)
Default replacement eyes by Shyne

Slider used:
Shoulder width, butt, hip size, waist, head size by Jonha 
Jaw line width, chin width, eye length, eye stretch, eye width by Bella3lek4 


1 comment:

  1. hey man awesome! I was looking for a lili sim :p but what EP is that purple thing you posted and how exactly do i install the lili sim? I have never added mods/sims to my game before.... thanks in advance!! (oh and by the way, I take that it is safe to install this sim and that it doesn't mke your game crash or get messed up? And I hope I can add lili to my town my just switching household and going to CAS to import her?