Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brenda Smith

Another sims that I made. Love her! She's hot. You too can have this sims by downloading it. Remember to download the custom sliders and CC that I use in order to have exactly the same sims like the one in the picture.

Ep needed:

CC used:
Hair #1 by Lotus (Sakura drops)
Hair #2 by Anubis
Skin by M. Calero (Apple)
Eyebrow by Jessica
Blush by Lady Front Bum (Cheeky V2)
Lipgloss by Tifa
Eye Contacts by Escand
Everyday skirt by Rusty Nail
Swimwear by Lady Front Bum (Sheer Striped)
Formal outfit by Lorandia
Formal shoes by Lilisims
Piercing (Female piercing set) by Wide open eyes 

Slider Used:



  1. wow... mbaq arum jadi pakar CAS The sims 3 nich......
    i like it!! ;)

  2. Huahahahaha... Ada ya pakar CAS...
    Emang paling hobi gw bikin sims. Cuman ya gitu pasti buanyak CCnyaaaaa